5 Important reasons for backing up your website

Your website is out there for the world to see, your digital presence is on the web and ready for business 24/7, but what happens if, after all that hard work, you go on your website to post a new piece of content, or just to see how things are going and… Wait… What’s happened to my website?

There are so many reasons to have a backup plan in place for your website, it can save you big time when things go wrong, and trust me they will at some point. So if you don’t have a system in place well now is as good a time as any to get one… and FAST! We have put together some points below as to why it is vital for you to have a backup system in place for your website.


1. Brute Force Attacks (hacks).

This will probably be the first and main reason you will think of needing some sort of backup plan or maybe the reason you’re reading this if you have recently suffered a hack on your website. Websites can be compromised especially if you aren’t on top of keeping things up to dates in the framework and plugin side of things. Brute force attacks are internet Bots that search the web for vunrebilitys in websites, be it week usernames and passwords, weaknesses in a piece of code from a plugin or WordPress instal. The best way to keep these attacks from your door is to keep everything up to date on your site, with regular updates and maintenance, and having a viable backup solution is also key to getting your website back up and running if it has been compromised by a brute force attack2.

2. WordPress Updates Gone Wrong.
Even when you keep on top of your framework and plugin updates, things can still go wrong, having a viable backup solution in place is key to getting your site working again is a lifesaver in these situations. Sometimes an update to a plugin or WordPress can cause conflicts between plugins or some piece of coding in your website. This can cause your website to go down and sometimes block you from logging into the backend of your website, your contact form could stop working, forcing you to lose business as potential clients think you’re ignoring their emails to you.
If you have a backup solution in place, you can simply re instal your last backup from when your site was running fine to see where it all went wrong, and have your website back up and running.
3. Web Hosting Server Failure.
You may have an issue with your hosting provider or their servers go down and may lose some of your websites information. generally hosting companies have their own backups of sites they have hosted with them and they would use these to get things back up and running. But if you run a blog on your site (which we recommend) and you post on a frequent basis, you may lose some of your content as the hosting company is not obligated to keep regular backups of your site in case of issues, it simply does this to cover their own backs if they should be hacked.
4. Wanting to switch hosting providers.
You may be unhappy with your hosting provider, maybe their slow servers are causing you problems, or your website keeps going down and disappearing off the web. if you have a good backup solution in place you can take a recent backup and set it up on a new hosting provider server and ditch the old one, with practically no downtime.
5.Saving you lots of Money! (peace of mind)
Appart from giving you peace of mind knowing you have a regular backup of your website should anything pop up out of the blue and try and compromise your website, having a good backup plan with offsite storage will save you a lot of money in the long run! Just think of how much money your website cost you, even if you have done it yourself and not hired a web designer or company like us to design you an amazing website. All the time you have taken in getting it to its current point cost you time and money! To have to go through all that again because you didn’t have a backup plan in place just seems like a waste of all that time and effort. You may even have to pay £200 for a company or web designer to jump in to try and fix, or resolve the issues, That doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. Having a backup system in place gives you the lifeline of quickly fixing and getting your website back up and running again.
Hopefully, we hope you have some food for thought and go and get a backup system in place so that your website stays safe and running online. if you need any more help or advice on this issue, we can provide WordPress Maintenance plans that keep your websites backed up and up to date 24/7  with off-site backup storage, with the added feature of added wordpress security to help prevent brute force attacks, after all the best way to prevent your website from being attacked is setting up a good defence. This all goes into our WordPress maintenance packages to keep our customer’s websites safe and sound and always running.
If you are interested in our maintenance packages, please use the form below to get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as posible.


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