Welcome to pixel yeti

It’s been a while coming but Pixel Yeti is finally here. For those of you that have worked with us in our past life as Opa Creative, welcome along! For those of you that have discovered us for the first time, we are Pixel Yeti, a  creative agency that covers web design, Logo design, and branding covering all your marketing and advertising needs.

We have over 18 years of experience in the industry and many happy clients and are looking forward to our new adventures with our rebrand of Pixel Yeti Media.

We are here to work for you! To make your business the success it deserves to be, we build websites to generate sales and convert website visitors into leads. We design print adverts and marketing to stand out and promote your business in the right way. We can help you grow your social media and digital advertising based on research and targeted to your ideal client and demographics. All these things are not as elusive in a design agency as you may have previously experienced with web designers or so-called branding specialists, and it’s not a magic one size fits all solution, we care about your business and take a measured approach to achieving your goals.

We tackle everything with the purpose of “what’s the end goal?” we build a website for the purpose of making our clients money by generating leads and enquiries, not to look pretty and take up a bit of space on the internet, that’s what makes us different to the majority of other web designers or design agency out their, we care about you and your business and the facts and figures.

So take a look around our new home and get in touch if you would like to transform your business website or brand to start working for your business.